Involved in HSS Program

If you are thinking for getting involved of HSS Orphan Child Sponsorship Program, we request you to consider judiciously the commitment you are willing to make. Our expectation is: sponsors will become part of our children’s lives. They will not simply give cash. They will communicate via e-mail, internet or write letters occasionally, send gift items, share stories’ about family, generate a link that will enrich both your life and your sponsored child’s life. therefore, we are hopeful these bonds can become a dynamic energy that helps guide our children into adulthood, perhaps surviving for a lifetime. Aimed at this reason, we request all prospective supporters to think carefully before getting involved. A small group of devoted peoples is what we are looking for and we believe you’ll join us by becoming a counsellor, associate and extended member of the Hamro Sano Sansar Family.


Orphan Child Sponsorship Program

There are several places for online where affectionate people can sponsor children. Usually, for a small monthly fee, you’ll receive a photo of a child and a few simple facts. Contact is minimal—but still you are helping to improve a life. Your sponsored child’s face on your refrigerator prompts you of this.

At the Hamro Sunaulo Sansar Orphan Child Sponsorship Program, we’d like to produce a more personal experience for both our children and their sponsors. We trust involving is what our children need most, more than money, more than gifts. They need to know psychologically that someone care.

Our children come from a different level of backgrounds, some with at least one parent or other family member, some with no one outside. Those with surviving relatives often maintain some level of contact with their families These bonds are encouraged by us, as we know the importance of a family for the child’s development. Therefore, we’re looking for people who care. Helpful, champions to inspire and connect with our children. These are the kinds of people we intend to involve in our child sponsorship program.

In order to support a child in Nepal. Just $1 a day is all we need. It’s not seem like much money to you, but as you read on hopefully you will be able to understand ‘why’ and ‘how’ we can do so much for so little.



Benefits to The Kids

We want to be clear 100% of all funds raised in sponsorship for our children is used for our children. There are no admin fees, salaries or hidden costs involved. The pie chart below outlines where the funds will be used from our sponsorship program as well as a good estimate of how much will go to each area: