Hamro Sunaulo Sansar is a social organization that was established in 6th January 2016, to meet legal requirement and expand voluntary work. Higher devoted volunteers of HSS have been contributing their precious time and effort by helping homeless and vulnerable children and women affected by poverty, orphanage and disaster. With the mission to provide education for Orphaned, abandoned and destitute children. HSS is registered by the District Administration Office, the District Development Committee, and the Social Welfare Council in Kathmandu, Nepal

How HSS Started

Last year on April 2015 earthquakes in Nepal claimed more than 8000 lives and left tens of thousands of people living in makeshift shelters, unable to return to their damaged homes and makes people’s homeless and orphan., Nepal itself is still trying to recover from the difficult incident. So being a human, our best to support some of the most vulnerable families will be able to resume living normal lives.


For the benefits for earthquake affected families affected children and suppressed woman to enlighten their life towards their self-confidence and success. Thus, Hamro Sunaulo Sansaar was established.  Life is not about only being you happy; it is about sharing the love and happiness creating a happy world.

Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.

- Gautama Buddha-


  • To establish a safer community for vulnerable children by increasing local knowledge of child rights and child protection issues
  • To educate community volunteers to provide trauma counselling, allowing the community to support each other in long-term rehabilitation.
  • To support children to re-enter school, foremost to better-quality learning outcomes and eventually, increased income generation opportunities.
  • To establish a true home full of love, empathy and happiness for homeless and affected children, woman and elderly people.
  • To provide basic needs and other timely human needs like: food, clothing, shelter, and elementary education and skill development trainings for orphan, affected children, woman and elderly people.
  • To promote and provide free scholarship education for needy and affected children, woman specially child labor.
  • To established outstanding talents and promoting the relationship between the society, industry, business, education and government to enlighten their future and find themselves respectful place in the society.
  • To provide and cause to provide skill oriented training to poor, helpless and disabled people for making them self-dependent.
  • To conduct adult education and women's education to help social development.

Our Activities


  • Take a home in rent which can accommodate 5 children, in the first year.
  • Provide beds for them.
  • Manage kitchen utilities and furniture like table, chairs, rack, gas stove and cylinder etc.
  • Cupboard for clothes.
  • Table and chair for study.
  • Materials to manage the house.


Balanced diet of complementary foods from the four main food groups meet all of the child needs

  • Protein foods (lean meat, fish, eggs, milk, yogurt and cheese, oily variety)
  • Starchy foods (meal contains carbohydrate important for healthy fats)
  • Fruits and vegetables (frozen fruits and vegetable, sweet potato, pumpkin & bean etc.)
  • Milk and dairy foods. (contain as much calcium as their higher fat counterparts. etc.)


  • Quilts, bed, bed sheet. Pillow etc.
  • Curtain, carpet, towel etc.
  • Dresses and uniforms for children.
  • Shoes, slipper, soap, shampoo, brush and paste etc.


  • Health’s checkup.


  • School fee
  • Stationery


  • One poor and needy woman to work at home.
  • Two woman in the entire management of home and take care of children.
  • Two males for the security, care control, tuition tutor to help as a contribution.


  • Manage necessary budget to celebrate as per child religion.

Office Management:

  • Manage separate room for official use.


  • Arrange Two male and one Female staff as a volunteer.
  • Telephone sets
  • Computer
  • Free tuition
Note: Only 5 children will be kept in the first year. This number will be increased by 10 in each coming year. By the end of sixth year there will be altogether 60 children. The annual budget will be increased by 10 percent (10%) according to the price hike. The total amount of first year budget should be double in the following years due to increase in the number of child. Education up to class 10+2 for the children will be provided by HSS.

Presently we have 9 needy and orphan child’s with us. We still have lots of Orphan children around us so they really need our help and support.