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Hamro Sunaulo Sansar is a Nepali word meaning ‘Our Golden World’ Hamro Sunaulo Sansar aims to bring golden lives for orphaned and abandoned childrenHamro Sunaulo Sansaar is a non-profit organization, unofficially founded on 24th July 2014 and legally registered on 6th January 2016, to meet the legal requirements necessary to expand our voluntary work. It’s based in Boudha-6, Khaiwatole, Kathmandu -Nepal. It was founded by a team of dedicated individuals with the aim to help homeless and vulnerable children, affected by poverty, homelessness and disaster.

Since the devastating earthquake in April of 2015, the country has suffered thousands of deaths and casualties, as well as the displacement of hundreds of thousands of people. The rise in homelessness and orphaned children has increased astronomically. Being one of the poorest developing nations in Asia, Nepal is still trying to recover from the heartbreaking incident. Because of this, we felt it was our duty to give back to others and do our best to help these affected children, by enlightening their life and teaching them the skills necessary to increase self-confidence and promote future success. 

Thus, Hamro Sunaulo Sansaar was established. Life is not about only being happy; it is about sharing the love and happiness with the world. In-depth study on models for helpless children and women in need of care & protection and opportunities the journey had many hurdles but HSS has dynamism and your unflinching support helped sustain it. of like-minded people, donors and partners who believed in Hamro Sunaulo Sansar work and mission.

The Hamro Sunaulo Sansar is a non-profit organization that is registered under the following Act/Gov. Offices:


Societies Registration Act

Ø  Section 4 /2034

Ø  Section 13 / 2049

Income Tax, PAN: 603845169

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